Thursday, December 11, 2008

Sick Day

Dear Crusty Nosed Chloe,

You got your first cold on Monday. I was so proud you'd never been sick but I guess you were due for one after nine months of health. You put everything in your mouth now. This little bug will help build up your immunity. I now have the same cold, I knew it was just a matter of time. So, we are sitting inside on a rainy day watching Baby Einstein while the vaporizer is filling the air with menthol.

I do things now as a Mom that I'd never imagine. Yesterday, we were shopping at Walmart. The only way you can get the boogies out of your nose is by sneezing. Or I get to help by torturing you with the nasal suction bulb. Actually, you laugh when I suck out the boogies it's the holding down part you don't like. So, you sneezed a half a dozen times while we were shopping and green snot was running out of your nose. I didn't have a tissue, that why we were there, tissues, a vaporizer and Vick's salve. I did something only a mother would do, I used the sleeve of the sweatshirt I was wearing and wiped your green snot. By the time we got home, I had crusty, dried snot half way up both my sleeves. I love you so much, I will wear your boogies.

You had your nine month check up last week. Everyone says how big you are, you are wearing 12 month old clothing. I was afraid the doctor was going to cut you off formula and put you on skim milk. Turns out you are not fat, just tall. You are in the 92% for height and 81% for weight. You finally have two lower teeth popping through and you use them. You can eat pretty much anything now and you have let me know baby food is out, you are ready for the real deal. You favorites are yogurt, mandarin oranges, Cheerios and colby/jack cheese and Townhouse crackers. You thought Thanksgiving was the bomb, you ate for 45 minutes. I thought sweet potato casserole was going to start coming out of your ears.


For Christmas, I have bought you a library. You love when I read to you. Every night, I read you Goodnight Moon before bed. You turn the pages. Some nights, you are so tired you try to flip over onto your tummy when we get to the second to last page. You know that Goodnight Moon equals bedtime. The other night, Jeremy was reading you the book and he wasn't reading fast enough, you kept turning the pages on him. So, I bought you books for Christmas and the big box arrived the other day. There was a book called "This is my puppy" which has a button and the bottom of each page to press, and the puppy says, "WOOF, WOOF". I thought you'd love the barking book so I gave it to you early. I was reading it to you and pressed the woof button and it scared you. You refuse to turn the pages of the puppy book, maybe you think it's gonna bite you.

You are into everything now. Crawling, standing and trying to walk. I think you will be talking soon, you were standing beside the tub naked the other night, trying your best to leap in and I asked you if were ready for a bath. I swear you said, "A Bath!"

I bought you a lion push toy and you are tougher than I thought. I call it your "car". "Drive the car, Chloe!" You have had quite a few car crashes and once it flipped on top of you. You didn't cry, you just decided it was a better idea to drive the car on your knees, more stability.



I hope you are feeling better soon my little lovey,

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Then and Now

Dear Chloe,

You have always loved the bath. Even when you had colic, the bath would calm and soothe you. You'd be cranky in the car and in the swing. If you heard the water running, you'd get quiet. Once I undressed you and placed you on your yellow raft, you'd become all smiles. You'd lie in the tub for 20 minutes while I washed you and sing Gavin Degraw's "Chariot" over and over while it played on the CD player. It was the highlight of your day and it remains the same.


Some things have changed, we haven't listened to "Chariot" in awhile. We mostly listen to the radio now. The biggest thing that has changed is you no longer lie still and float on your yellow raft in the tub anymore. I need a straight jacket instead of your foam mat. Washing your hair is like trying to wash a cat. You have learned there are things to do in the bath besides doing the deadman's float. Once I put you in the bath now, you are ready to flop around like a fish.

Part of the bath time frenzy is my fault. I started to introduce toys. Once you hit the water, you search for your rubber duckies. They are a challenge to capture because they are slick and bob around. Once you catch one, you immediately gnaw on their heads as pay back.

Your very favorite thing to do in the tub now is to open and close the drain. I was giving you a bath a few weeks ago and was trying to teach you about draining the tub. I'd push the knob up and say, "closed", then push it down and put your hand over the drain and say, "open". Well, you little whippersnapper, you caught on real fast.

biggirlbath 003

As we played, "Open, Closed" last night, I had to turn the water faucet on because you insisted on draining the tub. You wanted the drain open. This was fascinating for you too. Suddenly, it's like the switch in your little brain has been turned on because you are understanding and learning cause and effect. I watched as you learned that the bathtub gets full when the faucet is on.

biggirlbath 007

Maybe tonight, I will find that Gavin Degraw CD and listen to "Chariot" as I struggle to keep you on your back and wash your hair. I'm afraid next week, you'll be adjusting the knobs on the faucet to make the water tempertaure just right. You learn quick. So, I'll wait until next week to teach you the faucet on, faucet off game.

biggirlbath 010

I love you, Smarty Pants,

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Exciting Night

Dear Chloe,

I picked you up from the sitter's yesterday afternoon and took you to the highschool with me to vote. We stood in line and you smiled at all the people. I carried you into the booth on my hip and colored in the circles, while you tried your best to eat my ballot.

This will be in your history books. I will be able to show you this picture and tell you about casting my vote when you were 8 months old.


Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Happy Halloween

Dear Lady Bug,

We took you to the "No Scare Fair" last Saturday. I know you wouldn't really understand Halloween. The joys of getting a full sized Snickers bar and grape Now and Laters but I wanted to socialize you. I put on your black undershirt and squeezed you in black tights because I couldn't put on your Lady Bug costume and strap you into the carseat. It was too padded.

I dressed you in your outfit when we arrived in the backseat. All the little children came to talk you to and you ate it up. You have always loved other children.


You loved looking at all the black and orange balloons. Since you are crawling, you want to get down and explore things. I took you to the stage where other children were dancing and showing off their costumes and you got to explore and do the crawl/rock to the music.


You met a little friend, she was adorable in her Minnie Mouse costume and you two matched with your black and red costumes. She loved to hold on to your antenna.


We took a few pictures with you before we left. Instead of candy, your Halloween treat was going to the chinese restaurant. Your very favorite food right now is tofu from my Hot and Sour soup. You are a Mama's girl and I hope you'll always choose tofu over Twix in the future.



Happy Halloween, my little Love Bug,


Crossing the Line

Dear Crawling Chloe,

I have been worrying that you weren't crawling well yet, you'd scoot; mostly backwards. When you were up on all fours, rocking back and forth and see me, you'd belly flop on the floor and paddle your arms like you were swimming. Then, you'd start to whine and I'd come to your rescue and bring you the toy you wanted. You let the cat out of the bag the other evening.

I was preparing dinner in the kitchen and you were in the living room watching beloved Baby Einstein. I heard the program end and the 20 seconds later, I heard a crash. I didn't hear you cry after the crash so I got scared. I thought you pulled a heavy candle off the coffee table and it knocked you out. Normally, a loud crashing sound would make you cry. I ran into the living room and what did I find? You, pulling out all the Baby Einstein DVDs from the TV stand and trying to push buttons on the DVD player. You saw me watching you and belly flopped to the floor and did the carpet swim. You were found out, caught Baby Einstein handed. The only way you got over there was by crawling and you knew I had your number.

For the rest of the day, I didn't come to your rescue when you wanted a toy or to move to a different part of the house. You started crawling within an hour because you had no other choice, I was not going to be your personal Fido and fetch everything for you because I knew you could do it.

You have started crawling after me. When you reach me, you'll grab ahold of my pant leg and pull yourself up. I walked across the foyer the other evening and you stopped in your tracks.


You'd only been crawling on the carpet and when you saw the hardwood floor, it blew your mind. You looked at the hardwood floor for about five minutes when you finally dared to touch it you let out a squeal; like you were a pig that got shocked by an electric fence.


This went on for ten minutes or more. The fear of crossing the line, that cold, hardwood floor. I was determined to work through this with you too so I went to the other side of the foyer and clapped my hands and called you.


You thought about it for long time, smiling at me, squealing with frustration. I promised the floor wasn't going to bite you. Then, I broke out the big gun, your monkey that whistles cat calls to you. While Jeremy tempted you with the monkey, I was able to capture you crossing the line for the very first time. Way to go Chloe!

I'm so proud and love you so very much,

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Pancake Breakfast

Dear Blueberry Baby,

It was a chilly morning so I decided to make us pancakes. I'm not a big breakfast fan, maybe because I serve hundreds of bacon and egg plates during the week. I promised myself before you were born I would try my best to make sure you didn't become a picky eater. I do not want you to become a child that will only eat Cheerios, goldfish and chicken tenders.

I feel like I have been successful thus far. You have eaten everything I have put before you or placed in your mouth. You love the tofu I pick out of my Hot and Sour soup. I even gave you some broccoli but it wasn't soft enough. You tried your best to gum it down but you weren't successful. Instead, you tucked it away in your cheeks like a hamster until I fished it out. This week, you have eaten oatmeal with raisins and apples, chicken noodle soup, fried shrimp, beef stew and chicken and dumplings. Tonight, you'll try some cod and potato cakes. You haven't turned your nose up to anything I've offered.

The blueberry pancakes were a huge hit. You ate an entire medium sized pancake. You shoveled the pieces I tore up into your mouth as fast as you could. You really enjoy feeding yourself. I have had to learn how to relax and not be so obsessed with cleanliness since I have started allowing you to experience self feeding. Life can be messy and it may take ten minutes to clean you and the high chair up after your pancake feast but it's worth it. I get to watch you learn while you happily shovel food into your mouth. These are the moments I'll never forget, all your "firsts". I'd buy a pressure washer to clean the high chair just to watch you experience and enjoy life.

pancakes 010

pancakes 003

pancakes 009

I love you, little pig-pig,

Monday, October 20, 2008

Thursday at the Park

Dear Doughy Chloe,

I took you to the park last Thursday. It was the first time you sat in a REAL swing. You loved it. I would grab your feet when you'd swing toward me and you'd squeal with delight.

park 003

park 006

park 005

I think you will talk before you walk. You have started to say "Ma Ma" and "Ba Ba". The first time it happened, I was changing your diaper and I repeated, "Ma Ma" back to you. Your eyes got as big as saucers because you realized you can communicate with me.

When I brought you home on Friday from the babysitter's, you were hungry. So, I put you in the high chair and gave you some yogurt bites while I prepared your bottle. You must have been thirsty because you banged your first on the high chair tray and said, "Ba-Ba! Ba-Ba!" It wasn't working fast enough for you so you screamed, "MA-MA, BA-BA!"

We were sitting on the couch last night together and Jeremy was tickling my neck so I let out a squeal. You thought this was hysterical and you squealed back. I thought it was a fluke, so I squealed again, changing the tone. Once again, you squealed back using the same tone. So we played a sing-song squealing game for awhile, mimicing each other. Hopefully, I can get Jeremy to get a video of it.

I love you, my little parrot,
Ma-Ma, the Ba-Ba maker

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Breaking Out of Your Shell

Dear Baby Snail,

You are no longer the baby that would lay on a playmat or sit in your swing. You are ready to take on the world and are breaking out of your shell. You want to explore and try to taste everything. You are better at communicating what you want or need. Lately, you'll open up your arms and hold them up to me when you want me to take you. It breaks my heart when I have to leave you at Mrs. Y's some mornings. When I drop you off and walk away to leave for work, you'll frown, cry and hold out your chubby little arms complete with your jade bracelet begging me to take you.

Your cousin had a pool party this weekend. I decided to put on my swimming suit and take you swimming since you love the bath so much. You acted like the little mermaid. You looked like you were really trying to swim. You'd paddle your arms and kick your legs. I think I see the swim team in your future. You've always loved the water since you were able to get into the bath. You got too brave and dunked your face into the pool water and got water up your nose. This really scared you and I worried it would make you fear water. You're brave and fearless though. The next night at bath time, you were ready to swim again. I really struggle to keep you on your back in the tub. You want to flip to your belly and do the freestyle.

You are an eating machine. Stage two baby food isn't enough anymore. It's too runny, you open your mouth and want me to pour it down your throat. Even though you still don't have teeth, you can chew. I've started to puree our dinner into a chunky mush and feed it to you. Last night, you had pork chops, sweet potatoes and green beans. Jeremy fed you the mush and you let out a shriek when he scraped the bowl to give you the last bite. I'm going to make you a chicken stew tonight. I know it will taste way better than that jarred stuff.

You read people well. You have a keen awareness of good and bad. Maybe you can feel unconditional love. You light up when Jeremy comes home. He knows how to play with you and make you laugh. The other morning, I asked him to keep an eye on you while I was taking a bath. I didn't hear you cry or whimper the entire time I was bathing. I thought that you got fussy and he took you outside so I could enjoy my private time. When I walked into the living room, you were fast asleep in his arms. He makes you feel loved and safe.

You are becoming a big girl. When we took you out to lunch, you were so proud of yourself when you sat in the high chair.

mexican 009

You pounded your chubby fists on the table demanded food. When the plates came out of the kitchen, you grabbed for them. You know all about eating now. I got some spicy ground beef but Jeremy had rice and beans on his plate. He shared his food with you and then you were wrapped. The way to your heart is through your stomach.
mexican 015

When we went to the grocery store, Jeremy wanted to carry you. This was another new experience because normally you are strapped to me, in your sling. As he walked through the store, I would turn around and see you in his arms and you shined like a Christmas tree. You watched me fill the cart with food and took in the world around you from another perspective. It was a new experience for me too because I have been used to caring for you all on my own. It is nice to watch you being loved by others'. It's nice to have help. It's nice to feel like a family. Maybe you sense my happiness and this is the reason why you have taken such a liking to him too.

I'm looking forward to all the fun times ahead, in a couple of weeks, we'll celebrate your first Halloween. I can't wait to dress you up in your costume.

mexican 006

I love you, my growing girl,

Monday, October 6, 2008

Joy, Joy, Joy, Joy Down in My Heart

My Sweet Baby,

You are the joy in my heart. When I work over the weekend and you stay with MawMaw, I miss you so much. I feel like we've been separated for weeks. When I picked you up yesterday, you were sleeping on MawMaw's chest. I looked at you sleeping peacefully and noticed how much you have grown. Your face is changing, it's no longer the squished up newborn face. You are developing the finer features, your eyebrows are coming in, your eyelashes are very long and I think I see a little dimple in your chin. I wanted to scoop you up and kiss you to death but I left you alone to catnap on MawMaw.

I ordered a jade bangle bracelet from China for you a few weeks ago. It arrived last week. I had a hard time getting in on, I had to grease up your hand. Now, I'm scared to try to get it off. It fits you perfectly, (you are Chloe Jade!) and you don't seem to mind wearing it. Sometimes, you will bang your bracelet on mine and I say, "WonderTwin powers activate!"

It's so much fun to watch you learn and figure out how stuff works. There was a huge consignment sale in town last week and I found you a turtle rocking chair and a sing along stage with a mirror. You have always enjoyed looking at yourself in the mirror so this toy was a big hit.

newtoys 001

newtoys 013

I love Halloween and I can't wait until next year when I can take you trick or treating. This year, I dressed you up and took you to a local farm for some pictures. The only thing you were interested in was the hay on the ground because it made crinkly noises. You tried to eat the hay and I told you that hay was for horses and goats. You tried it anyway and figured out all on your own it's wasn't as yummy as the Beechnut Raisin and Granola breakfast.

pumpkin 004

pumpkin 006

pumpkin 015

I love you sweet girl,

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

My Little Diva

Dear Darling Diva,

It's getting cooler so today, you got to wear one of your fall outfits. My good friend Terri from work bought this outfit before I gave birth to you. I'd never choose something like this for you. One day you'll know Terri, she's the one of the funniest people I know. She'll make you laugh while you're crying. Seriously! One day I was upset and she said, "Don't cry girl, snot bubbles are not hot!"

So, I dressed you up in Terri's stylin' outfit complete with pink shoes that MawMaw bought you for your doctor's appointment today. People thought you were the cutest thing ever. They called you a "diva". One lady said, "not many people could pull that outfit off but it fits her perfectly."
fall2008 016

I let you look at yourself in the mirror and you grinned and flapped your arms as if to say, "This is how I should be dressed everyday Mama!I'm da bomb!"
fall2008 050

Don't develop the caviar taste too soon, my dear. Most of your winter clothing will be from Ebay or the thrift stores for the winter. I don't want to see you in another leopard print outfit until your 35 and married!

You are crawling, backward! I know better than to leave you on the bed or couch unattended. Yesterday, I left you on the floor in front of the TV watching your beloved baby Einstein. When I got out, I heard you fussing so I rushed into the living room. You had backed yourself under the coffee table and were stuck. When you tried to reverse more, you'd hit your head. I guess I'll have to break out the pack and play. You'll be in the baby jail when I have to take a shower and can't keep an eye on you.

fall2008 028

You will watch your Einstein DVD over and over again without batting an eye. You love it, so I got you a few more from Ebay. I think you have Baby Einstein withdrawl at MawMaw's over the weekends I work. She doesn't have a DVD player and when you get home, you'd rather watch it than eat. I have to turn it off so you'll focus on food. I can't figure out why baby Einstein is so addicting to you. It's the silliest program in my opinion, no storyline what so ever.

fall2008 038

At your appointment today, the nurse said you could try some solid foods like cheerios and pieces of peaches. I set you up in your high chair when we got home and gave you some puffs. I have been so scared to let you have real food. I don't want to have to perform the Hemlick. I gave you one and you weren't sure what to think. Then, you decided to be Greedy Gretchen and grab them all up and try to stuff them in your mouth. I had to hand them to you one at a time.

bites 001

bites 004

bites 003

You are growing up way too fast, my little Diva. I want to flip your channel to slo-mo. I'm afraid if I blink, the next thing I'll hear is, "I look best in Lamcome eyeliner, Mama."

I love you, my beautiful baby,

Thursday, September 18, 2008

No Cloven Hooves For You

Dear Chloe Jade,

There are not too many things you do not like. Now that you are eating solids, I figured out you do not like cloven hooves. No beef, ham or lamb. You are a poultry girl. I mean, you tried it but the look on your face was priceless as you spit the Beef and Macaroni dinnner out. That's all I'll ever ask, you try it. You have your own personality and opinion as to what you like and don't. You'll gobble up turkey and sweet potatoes real fast. Chicken and apples is your very favorite.

You are such a good girl. You hardly ever cry anymore. The first eight weeks were rough but now you have blossomed. My very favorite part of the day is when you wake up. Some mornings, I have to wake you up because I leave for work early. You sleep on your tummy now and when you hear the door open, you pop your little head up and give me a huge toothless smile and coo. "Good morning LOVIES!", I say.

You like music. Your favorite song right now is Rihanna's Umbrella. You get a real kick out of the "Eh, eh, eh, eh" and "Ella, Ella, Ella" part when I sing along. I usually don't listen to R&B or rap but I like this Travis Barker remix, because you gotta have a little rock baby! I listened to the lyrics and they are fitting for us right now.

When the sun shines, we’ll shine together
Told you I'll be here forever
Said I'll always be your friend
Took an oath I'ma stick it out till the end
Now it's raining more than ever
But we'll still have each other
You can stand under my umbrella
You can stand under my umbrella

And your favorite part

(Ella ella ella eh eh eh)
Under my umbrella
(Ella ella ella eh eh eh)
Under my umbrella
(Ella ella ella eh eh eh)
Under my umbrella
(Ella ella eh eh eh eh)

Thursday, September 11, 2008

My Little Bunny

My Sweet Baby Girl,

I was cleaning your room and going through your clothing today. You are in 9-12 month old clothing now. It's not because you are fat, it's because you are long. Some of the six month old clothing I try to stuff you in is "off the shoulders". Like you are in a prom dress due to your height. As I was sorting through your things, I found your bunny hat. I bought it for you when I was 6 months pregnant. I took a picture of you in it when you were only two weeks old. You still had bunny fur on your back. It engulfed your head, it was so loose.


You couldn't lift your little noggin at the time so the ears wouldn't stand up.

When I found it, I realized how much you have changed. How quickly you have grown! It's going by way too fast. Now, you are on the prowl, on your hands and knees trying to explore your world. I still remember how exciting it was to see your first smile. Now, you giggle and cackle with glee. When you laugh out loud, it makes my day. It's the silliest things that make you laugh. Like funny sounds I'll make or certain gestures I'll make with my arms when I flail.

One day, you were in the bath and I was making a popping noise and hang banging. You thought this was hysterical. I kept doing it because when you laugh, my whole world shines. While I was head banging, the black pearl on my necklace jumped up and knocked me in my mouth. It hit my tooth and I thought I cracked it. I thought, "Wonderful, I just knocked out my tooth, making my baby laugh.." You know what? It would have been worth it because your laughter is the best noise I have ever heard.

So, I found your bunny hat today and had to try it on your head. It wasn't easy. It was a real tight fit. You weren't happy about it at first but then I put your sunglasses on you must have thought you were a ski bunny. We laughed together.


Your bunny hat is now retired. I thought I heard a popping noise when I pulled it off your head. I got you a new hat, for your next holiday. You'll always be my little snuggle bunny. Now, you will be my punkin' head too.

pumpkin 055

All my love,

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Go Baby, GO GO

I was worried you weren't crawling or sitting fast enough. I was wrong. Now, I'm worried about keeping all the dangerous cords and sockets out of your reach. I'm going to stop worrying and just start enjoying you.

In this picture, you remind me of Bambi's girlfriend, Feline. You have such big, beautiful eyes. Everyone comments on them. I'm REALLY going to start worrying when you are 14.


You don't want to crawl. You are too impatient. You try to get onto your feet and I sing you a song by Nina Sky, "Move that body girl!"


We went out to lunch with my dear friend Jim today. He gave gave you a Ba-ba after we finished our salads. He watched my Doberman puppy (Monty) as he grew and he is here to help support me with you too. He took some pictures of us today. I can take all the pictures of you but I want to remember this time of you and I together. You are my shining star, Chloe baby. Every night before I fall asleep, I think of you. Throughout the night, I listen for your whimpers. In the morning, I can't wait to open your door and see your head pop up and smile at me. You are a great baby though. You go to bed by 7pm and don't wake until 6-7am. I am blessed. Thank you for letting me rest, some days I need it.





All my Love,

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Not Such a Fatty Pig-Pig

Dear Chloe,

Grandma Penny loves to call you fatty Pig-Pig. Turns out you aren't as rolly polly as we thought. You went for your six month check up last week and had to get four shots. I felt so bad, I had three other nurses come to hold you. One held your little arms while two others gave you shots in your thighs. They double teamed you. You smiled at the nurse while she held your arms. You thought it was a new game. I watched through the crack in the door at the shock that washed over your face when they stuck the needles in your thighs. It wasn't a fair game! I scooped you up after the traumatic ordeal. You calmed right down.

You are 17 pounds, the 70th percentile for your age. You are a tall girl, 27 inches the 90th percentile. I know now why it's harder for me to carry you in the sling, your feet almost hit my knees while I walk with you strapped to me. Your dome piece is large too, the 88th percentile. I guess you will be tall and smart! I hope you never talk down to me or outsmart me though. I had to fill out a long questionnaire about your milestones. Can you roll? Do you respond to sounds? Do you smile and coo? Can you grasp objects? Yes you can! You passed with flying colors. I am thankful I have such a healthy and happy baby. You mean the world to me. I'm proud to call you my daughter.

Your favorite mode of transportation is rolling. The other day, I laid you in the floor while I was taking a bath. You rolled across the bathroom floor and knocked the back of your head on the floor vent. I had to cut my bath short to come to your rescue. You're a little acrobat!

I'm gonna get some good pictures of you over our weekend and post them soon.

All my love,

Thursday, August 21, 2008

My Growing Glowbee

My Dear Baby Girl,

You are growing like kudzu in August. People will see me carrying you and ask if you are my child. They cannot believe I gave birth to you, my Doughy Chloe. You have sucked all the fat off my bones. Seriously! The cellulite I once had on my bum has transferred to your thighs. MawMaw is shocked when I bring your pumped breast milk. She goes on and on about the layer of fat that appears when my milk defrosts. I once worried I would never fit back into my skinny jeans when I was nine months pregnant. I had to wear some black slacks the other day and they were looser than before I ever got pregnant.


Sadly, the weight loss that had occured hasn't helped my milk supply. Due to stress and lack of appetite, my weight has dropped more than I wanted. My milk is drying up. In the morning, I'm full enough to feed you a good serving but by the afternoon, I'm empty. Last night was the first time I've ever given you a bottle and you accepted it eagerly. In some way, I feel like I've failed. I loved nursing you, it was a way for us to bond. I never had any problems with sore nips or latch problems. I know you wouldn't nurse forever. I just wasn't ready for it to end so soon. This isn't about me though and I won't starve you out. It's just time for it to end and we bond in so many other ways.

You can roll and flip over without any struggle now. I can't leave you on the couch alone. You even raise you booty in the air and scoot. You like to scoot in reverse though. I make a "beep, beep, beep" noise like you are a garbage truck reversing. I put you in the walker last week. I tried it a month ago and you kept head butting the play bar. You needed a helmet. Now, you hold yourself up tall, push all the buttons so I can hear Elmo laugh over and over and over again. I guess I better get used to Elmo torture.


You have so many fans. Especially MawMaw and your Grampa's. You've got them wrapped around your tiny pinkie.


You know how to win over people already. You want people to stop and talk to you. They tell you that you are a pretty girl. I laugh and say, "work it girl!" I've heard you are as beautiful as the Gerber baby. Today, you received my favorite compliment. A lady said you had eyes like aquamarines. You do baby. Your eyes sparkle and twinkle like the most precious jewel.


Some days can be hard because I have to get all the chores done and try to occupy you. Out newest game in peek-a-boo laundry basket. I put you in the laundry basket while I fold laundry and cover you with a towel. You think this is hysterical and I kill birds with one stone. Make you happy while completing not so fun tasks.

fivehalfm 013

You did the sweetest thing tonight. I was feeling a little down about our nursing relationship coming to an end and overwhelmed about life. I was rocking you to sleep and you looked up at me while sucking your thumb. Maybe you sensed my stress. You took your thumb out of your mouth and touched my face. I looked down at you and you stuck your itty bitty thumb in my mouth. I nibbled on it and you cackled. Maybe I can't offer you my breast as much anymore but I will always lend you my entire hand when you need it. I told you, "Thank you, Chloe" after you offered me your thumb and you drifted off to sleep. I will always be thankful for you, you're my greatest blessing.


You have all my heart, always,