Thursday, November 6, 2008

Then and Now

Dear Chloe,

You have always loved the bath. Even when you had colic, the bath would calm and soothe you. You'd be cranky in the car and in the swing. If you heard the water running, you'd get quiet. Once I undressed you and placed you on your yellow raft, you'd become all smiles. You'd lie in the tub for 20 minutes while I washed you and sing Gavin Degraw's "Chariot" over and over while it played on the CD player. It was the highlight of your day and it remains the same.


Some things have changed, we haven't listened to "Chariot" in awhile. We mostly listen to the radio now. The biggest thing that has changed is you no longer lie still and float on your yellow raft in the tub anymore. I need a straight jacket instead of your foam mat. Washing your hair is like trying to wash a cat. You have learned there are things to do in the bath besides doing the deadman's float. Once I put you in the bath now, you are ready to flop around like a fish.

Part of the bath time frenzy is my fault. I started to introduce toys. Once you hit the water, you search for your rubber duckies. They are a challenge to capture because they are slick and bob around. Once you catch one, you immediately gnaw on their heads as pay back.

Your very favorite thing to do in the tub now is to open and close the drain. I was giving you a bath a few weeks ago and was trying to teach you about draining the tub. I'd push the knob up and say, "closed", then push it down and put your hand over the drain and say, "open". Well, you little whippersnapper, you caught on real fast.

biggirlbath 003

As we played, "Open, Closed" last night, I had to turn the water faucet on because you insisted on draining the tub. You wanted the drain open. This was fascinating for you too. Suddenly, it's like the switch in your little brain has been turned on because you are understanding and learning cause and effect. I watched as you learned that the bathtub gets full when the faucet is on.

biggirlbath 007

Maybe tonight, I will find that Gavin Degraw CD and listen to "Chariot" as I struggle to keep you on your back and wash your hair. I'm afraid next week, you'll be adjusting the knobs on the faucet to make the water tempertaure just right. You learn quick. So, I'll wait until next week to teach you the faucet on, faucet off game.

biggirlbath 010

I love you, Smarty Pants,

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Exciting Night

Dear Chloe,

I picked you up from the sitter's yesterday afternoon and took you to the highschool with me to vote. We stood in line and you smiled at all the people. I carried you into the booth on my hip and colored in the circles, while you tried your best to eat my ballot.

This will be in your history books. I will be able to show you this picture and tell you about casting my vote when you were 8 months old.