Thursday, December 11, 2008

Sick Day

Dear Crusty Nosed Chloe,

You got your first cold on Monday. I was so proud you'd never been sick but I guess you were due for one after nine months of health. You put everything in your mouth now. This little bug will help build up your immunity. I now have the same cold, I knew it was just a matter of time. So, we are sitting inside on a rainy day watching Baby Einstein while the vaporizer is filling the air with menthol.

I do things now as a Mom that I'd never imagine. Yesterday, we were shopping at Walmart. The only way you can get the boogies out of your nose is by sneezing. Or I get to help by torturing you with the nasal suction bulb. Actually, you laugh when I suck out the boogies it's the holding down part you don't like. So, you sneezed a half a dozen times while we were shopping and green snot was running out of your nose. I didn't have a tissue, that why we were there, tissues, a vaporizer and Vick's salve. I did something only a mother would do, I used the sleeve of the sweatshirt I was wearing and wiped your green snot. By the time we got home, I had crusty, dried snot half way up both my sleeves. I love you so much, I will wear your boogies.

You had your nine month check up last week. Everyone says how big you are, you are wearing 12 month old clothing. I was afraid the doctor was going to cut you off formula and put you on skim milk. Turns out you are not fat, just tall. You are in the 92% for height and 81% for weight. You finally have two lower teeth popping through and you use them. You can eat pretty much anything now and you have let me know baby food is out, you are ready for the real deal. You favorites are yogurt, mandarin oranges, Cheerios and colby/jack cheese and Townhouse crackers. You thought Thanksgiving was the bomb, you ate for 45 minutes. I thought sweet potato casserole was going to start coming out of your ears.


For Christmas, I have bought you a library. You love when I read to you. Every night, I read you Goodnight Moon before bed. You turn the pages. Some nights, you are so tired you try to flip over onto your tummy when we get to the second to last page. You know that Goodnight Moon equals bedtime. The other night, Jeremy was reading you the book and he wasn't reading fast enough, you kept turning the pages on him. So, I bought you books for Christmas and the big box arrived the other day. There was a book called "This is my puppy" which has a button and the bottom of each page to press, and the puppy says, "WOOF, WOOF". I thought you'd love the barking book so I gave it to you early. I was reading it to you and pressed the woof button and it scared you. You refuse to turn the pages of the puppy book, maybe you think it's gonna bite you.

You are into everything now. Crawling, standing and trying to walk. I think you will be talking soon, you were standing beside the tub naked the other night, trying your best to leap in and I asked you if were ready for a bath. I swear you said, "A Bath!"

I bought you a lion push toy and you are tougher than I thought. I call it your "car". "Drive the car, Chloe!" You have had quite a few car crashes and once it flipped on top of you. You didn't cry, you just decided it was a better idea to drive the car on your knees, more stability.



I hope you are feeling better soon my little lovey,