Sunday, March 22, 2009

Poor Pig-Pig

When I walked into Mrs. Y's to pick you up after work yesterday, the stench hit me like a ton of bricks. I smelled vomit. When you saw me, you didn't come zipping over as usual, clap your hands or even jump up and down. All you could do was smile. You didn't have the energy or any zip left.

Mrs. Y said you refused to eat anything all day. When you finally drank some milk you vomited it all up almost instantly. I gathered you and the soiled clothes up and headed home. On the short ride home, you will usually blabber about your day. If I turn around and play peek-a-boo you normally will cackle but yesterday, it took a lot out of you just to grin and show your jack-o-lantern teeth in the car.

When we got home, I took your temperature and you had a fever. I was drawing you a bath because you smelled like vomit still and I heard you cry. Daddy brought you in the bathroom because you vomited again. When I took off your clothes and diaper, you had the worst smelling watery diarrhea too. He cleaned up the carpet while I bathed you. We still don't know what bodily fluid was all over the carpet because it was coming out of both ends.

You wouldn't even eat a cracker which was shocking because you normally eat anything handed to you. You even try to eat books and plastic toys. We knew you were sick so I went ahead and called off work. It turned out to be a good decision because you work up crying around 12am and you'd thrown up again in the crib.

As I stumbled out of your room in the middle of the night, I felt wetness seeping out of your diaper onto my arm. I changed your stinky diaper in the dark and when I was trying to wipe you, you screamed like never before. You flailed your little arms and your hands shook like leaves. I turned on the light and your little jay-jay was as red as a fire engine from the bad diarrhea. I felt awful, the wipes must have really burned. Daddy woke up from your cries and helped strip your crib while I tried to comfort you. You kept gagging and drooling. I offered you some G2 Gatorade and you gulped it down like you'd been in the desert for a week. I stayed up with you for over a couple of hours. You actually felt so bad you snuggled with me on the couch. You never want to snuggle anymore, you are too busy exploring the world. Places to go and people to see!

You haven't drank any milk since yesterday but that's okay. You do want Pedilyte and Gatorade. You held down some dry toast and banana this morning so I think you are on the mend. You had us worried though because when you refuse to eat, we know something is VERY wrong. Hope you are back to you little Pig-Pig self tomorrow.

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