Wednesday, April 29, 2009

How You've Grown

I finally got a new charger and battery. I wake up early now, even on my days off so I can get some things done while you sleep. As I was editing these photos, I recalled how you were a little bean always attached to my boob last April. Now, you are a long, lean green bean that likes to grab a hold of my leg and cling to it like a monkey when I walk by.

These are the pictures taken at Papa Walt's house. I made him chocolate dipped strawberries and cream filled strawberries for his birthday. You like the cream filled ones.

Michelle's Masterpiece_33_1

Like I said, you are into everything. Trying to hold you to keep you out of trouble is like trying to hug a wet eel.
Mother and Daughter


Your first steps. You can tell by the look on your face you aren't too steady. I think you are shocked you can walk sometimes. You usually will walk into my arms and bear hug my neck. Like, "Whew! What a journey, I'm safe!"

Yes I Can

We went shopping at Walmart on Monday and I found this water mat. Water sprays from the mat and fills the bottom. I thought you'd love it since you are my mermaid. I set it up when we got home, put on your water pants and Crocs and walked you over to it. You were curious about the water sprays. When I put you on the mat, you had a panic attack. You were shocked by the COLD hose water. You didn't know which way to go to escape the cold water spraying you. I had to put down the camera and rescue you. I hope you adjust to the swimming pool. Maybe if I am holding you, you won't be as fearful. Mommy is getting frozen too.



I took you inside and ran a hot bath for you. Once again, you were like a fish. You laid back and enjoyed your bath for awhile. Usually, you'll flip over as soon as I wash your hair but this time, you relaxed.


But you got mad that I was ruining your bath time with pictures. Flashes that hurt your eyes and bounced off the tub. So you squealed in protest and I captured a good shot of your teeth. They way they are growing now, you'll be lucky to have a full set by age four. The front two look so big, I don't know if 14 more will fit.

This is my favorite picture I took this week. I think it captures your personality and attitude the best. You give strangers this look. It's your "I'm taking it in and analyzing it" look.


I love my little Toot Toot,

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